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WWW.WGOOL.COM is Officially Launched


  WWW.WGOOL.COM is officially launched on February 27, 2012. This online agricultural information platform is operated by the agricultural information center of China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) and CTV Golden Bridge Culture Development Co., Ltd. The responsibilities of WGOOL include advancing agricultural industry development and improving framers’ lives. By creating a communication platform for governments, agricultural industries and enterprises, WGOOL helps to establish and disseminate agricultural brands.

  In order to better serve agricultural industry, rural areas and framers, WGOOL considers spreading agricultural information and technologies, improving productivities and enriching county culture as its goals.WGOOL aims to be an authoritative agriculture-related portal by providing instant, objective and accurate global agricultural news, developing advantage and special channels. In this way, WGOOL will be an information resource for users and an online promotion platform for enterprises.

  Informatization is an important method to promote agricultural technology innovation and to modernize agricultural industry. CIADfocuses on better promoting the harmonic developments of urban and rural areas. It guides the development of the WGOOL with governmental policies, while CTV Golden Bridge Culture Development Co., Ltd. establishes and operates the website. The advisory panels of WGOOL are authoritative and well-known experts and scholars in the agricultural field, such as Liu, Yizhong, the former secretary of agricultural department, and Han, Jun, the deputy director of Development Research Center of the State Counci, Jiang, Xingsan , the Supervisory Board Chairman of China Co-ops, Qu, Zhenyuan, the Secretary of the Party Committee of China Agricultural University, Xu, Xiaoqing, the Minister of Agricultural Economic Research Department of Development Research Center of the State Council, Guo, Zuoyu, the Director of Information Center of Agricultural Department, Fu, Yuxiang, the Director of China Agriculture Film and Television Center.

  Agricultural development significantly influences the national welfare and the people's livelihood. The Chinese government emphasized agricultural development in Document No.1 for nine consecutive years to show its high degree of concern about agriculture. Moreover, the Document No.1 of year 2012 highlighted agricultural technology innovation, which is the most important mission for agricultural industry.

China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) was approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China as a national social organization. The mission of CIAD is to carry out the research and consulting services as well as international and domestic inter-regional exchange and cooperation to any corporations, enterprises, or academic organizations, with regard to issues around the subject of the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of China’s urban and rural areas.

  CTV Golden Bridge Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a member of the CTV Golden Bridge International Media Group, which was found in 1999. As one of the leading media group in China, CTV Golden Bridge focuses on media operation and brand promotion for enterprises and cities, and has established four main business sectors, including media resources management, integrated branding services, new media investment and creative advertisement production. Besides CCTV, it has also expanded to new business segments including local PSA broadcast network, travel web portal and mobile media, as resources. CTV Golden Bridge integrates domestic and international, state and local, traditional and new media to form a full-range communication platform. With the outstanding management concepts and operation systems for all activities along the entire value chain of media communication, CTV Golden Bridge has provided comprehensive, professional and high-quality services to more than 1600 enterprises and over 500 city clients.


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